Friday, November 20, 2009

Choosing the Right Investment

Choosing the Right Investment
Lots of places to invest, from the property, forex, stocks, mutual funds, commodities and others. But of all the investment that it would all have advantages and disadvantages. If you decide or intend to invest, in selecting investments at least you should consider 4 key factors, namely.

is the capital is how much money we need to be able to invest until we can make a profit in excess of our investments out? In principle, the smaller the needed capital, the better for investors.

Reimbursement Level
Rate of return is what percentage of profits to be gained from the issued capital in a certain period. The higher rate of return and the sooner the better time period for investors

Risk Level
How much risk is the possibility of losses that can reduce the amount of our capital and our capital spending even. The lower the level of risk, the better for investors

Funds Flow
Last is the flow of funds in the form of how quickly the funds in the form of physical cash can we draw from the capital we have deposited. The sooner the better for investors


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