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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Starting Invest Blog to start in 2010 | Happy New Year

Yip Yip yippee, Google updates Page rank again. Although the PR for this blog investing in the take, I am still grateful for the other blog got a new year gift 2010. Page rank that I manage up all. Google Page Rank Update | Akhir Tahun 2009December 31 is an exciting day for bloggers, because a lot of progress / improvement of public relations to start in 2010.

It's time for investment blog. Why is that, because google major been updated. It's time to start an investment blog. As a means of preparing for major google update again in a few months ahead. This is the expected waiting time, 2010 will be filled with the Investment. Keep Keep Blogging and Keep Earning sharing.

Happy New Year 2010Happy New Year 2010
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Friday, December 11, 2009

Info SEO Contest

Welcome to the SEO contest Gosh! Com, SEO contest with a total prize of more than 30 million Lifestyle On The Netrupiah was held in the framework REBORN OH MY GOD. Good racing with honesty and uphold sportsmanship. Make sure first read all the rules set and keep abreast of the latest news about the SEO contest Gosh! Com.

Gift tens of millions waiting for you, do not miss this opportunity!

Juara I: Netbook HP Mini Note 5101 Black + Cash Rp. 5.000.000, --
Juara II: Blackberry Javelin + Cash Rp. 3.000.000, --
Winner III: Gemini + Blackberry Cash Rp. 2.000.000, --
Winner IV: HP Nexian + Cash Rp. 1.500.000, - + 2 ticket Waterbom
Champion V: Cash Rp. 1.500.000, - + 2 ticket Waterbom
Champion VI: Cash Rp. 1.000.000, - + 2 ticket Waterbom
Champion VII: Cash Rp. 500.000, - + 2 ticket Waterbom
Champion VIII: Cash Rp. 500.000, - + 2 ticket Waterbom
Champion IX: Cash Rp. 500.000, - + 2 ticket Waterbom
Champion X: Cash Rp. 500.000, - + 2 ticket Waterbom

When the race:
30 November 2009 at 00:00 pm - March 3, 2010 at 00:00 pm

Keyword / Keyword is contested: lifestyle on the net

Terms and Conditions SEO Contest:

1. If you have already registered as a member Gosh! Com you can sign up for a contest in, but if you have not registered as a member Gosh! Com registrsi you must first, only then you can enroll for the SEO contest Gosh! com.

2. Agreed to all terms and conditions of the race without exception.

3. Participants must post / write articles with themes and keywords Lifestyle On The Net on blogs or web each.

4. The length of the article at least 400 words and should provide maximum 2 (two) linkback to the article contained in the anchor text Lifestyle On The Net. or can use another anchor which is still associated with lifestyle and Participants can choose their own articles found in Jesus! Com for dilinkback. Remember the front-page article is not Jesus! Com. To view a list of articles Gosh! Com please visit this page.

5. Article title free and may use the target keyword

6. Participants should include the address or url url posting article, and not the domain name web or blog at the time to register for the contest. Articles or postings that are not registered in our database will not be deemed to be participants in the race, until the participant registered the URL.

7. In addition to making an article for the race, participants are also encouraged to make an article that contains information the contest, participants were allowed to copy - paste the article contest announcement. Participants do not need to register articles containing only racing information to Gosh! Com, confirm your contest info article to the email address aan [at] or sales [at] the draw for prizes. other than that there are 3 prizes @ Rp. 250.000, - to spread the contest info.

8. Participants must bookmark the article in, (Your News is a social bookmarking service Gosh! Com and single signon with major portals, so you do not need to register again, please use your username in Christ! Com to sign in to Your News) articles that does not exist in considered not meet competition requirements, and be declared killed, although it is enrolling participants of the contest in the article God! com.

9. Articles or posts that merely contain or provide news information will not be entered the contest in the race. So if at the end of the race limit of the contest is a news article that came in the top 10, articles or postings are not including the winner. And will be replaced by an article in the next sequence.

10. Participants are prohibited to use the main domain or subdomain that contains your target keywords, it is described in the SEO Contest Q Gosh! Com points to 5

11. Blogs or articles should not be offensive racial intolerance, pornography and violating smelled laws applicable in the Republic of Indonesia.

12. Winners of the contest is that participants who blog or website (url posting and not just the domain name) listed in the string / search? Hl = en & q = + lifestyle + on + the + net on the date March 3, 2010 at 00:00 pm, and was diurutan to 1 to 10. If the order of 1 to 10 there are other sites that did not participate in the SEO contest really! Com, the site was not included as the winner, his position will be replaced by a site / blog to participating in the race in order afterward.

13. The committee reserves the right to review such regulations increase, reducing regulations to adjust to the development of the race contest.

14. Participants must install the banner contest seo Gosh! Com in their blogs.

15. Although there may be no impact on SEO contest Gosh! Com, but we do not allow the entire blog or personal site employees and staff of PT. Indonesia Media Technologies or IM-tech to participate in this contest. IM-tech is a company in charge of God! com and. List of blogs that should not be joining this contest.

SEO Contest FAQ Gosh! Com

1. When was the last registration?
Answer: Registration continues until the day before the contest ends.

2. Can be registered if the course is the main blog (not a blog article)?
Answer: No way! URL listed is the blog article, not the blog address.

Examples are true:
- / = true
- = true
- / title-artikel.html = true

Examples of wrong:
- = false
- = false
- / subdirectory / = wrong

3. Can write more than one article?
Answer: Sure.

4. Registering more than one blog or site?
Answer: Sure.

5. What does that mean the URL or domain is forbidden to use keyword-targeted domain name.
Answer: Only the file name or an article or posting that permitted targeted keywords?

- domain, and the like = prohibited
- and the like = banned

- / title = artikel.html and the like may
- / title-artikel.html = may, during the subdomains do not contain keywords

Reason: do not allow domain names are targeted because of the limited willingness of the domain name for the target keyword.

6. Can use
Answer: Can

7. Can backlink to the main URL
Answer: No, backlinks should be to one of the articles contained in Gosh! Com

8. Backlink not do more than once to in one article?
Answer: Can (maximum 2 backlink)

9. Can PPC advertising to promote a blog?
Answer: Not allowed. (The reason, it is unfair to those who do not have the opportunity to advertise on PPC). Team Jesus! Com will continue menantau and watched the contest participants and the course of the contest, if any participants are caught using the PPC of both local and foreign, will fall directly stated, participants who expressed may fall mengikutikontes from scratch using the other blogs, which have not been registered . note: blog is prohibited to use PPC advertising is the blog that use PPC advertising to promote its participation in this SEO contest. In the blog that PPC advertising is not prohibited to participate in the contest SEO Gosh! Com

10. Is it true that the contest participants can only come from within the country?
Answer: True. Contest dedicated for all the citizens of Indonesia. If you are an Indonesian, has a blog and have a bank account in Indonesia, but was outside the country (being the school and others), you still must follow.

11. Black Hat method what should not be used?
Answer: All blackhat methods are prohibited.

12. How long is the writing?
Answer: At least 400 words.

13. News disseminator for the contest will get a gift whether or drawn?
Answer: We provide entertainment in the form of prize money USD. 250.000, - for 3 spreaders info lucky contest (draw). Please confirm your contest info URL to your email address: aan [at] or sales [at]

14. If the Big 10 there are 2 articles from the same blog (same domain), whether that person won two?
Answer: No, only the article with the top position is regarded as champions.

15. If the big 10 there are two or more blogs / web sites owned by people who ama (different domain) whether to remain in the count as a winner or 2 considered 1 course?
Answer: Stay counted them and regarded them as the winner.

16. What if I use redirect domain?
Answer: Not allowed. Please use the original url.

17. Can use
Answer: No

Info Contest SEO Here Lifestyle On The Net
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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Business Review

Business review
Review Business is choices business online that can generate income from the hobby Journalist blogger or webmaster. With a high PR capitalize we can look for income with a business review. As a publisher we will get a JOB offer from the Business Review.

While blogging and monetize blogs there is no harm in trying to review this business. But the constraints faced by the publisher of the review is not considered public relations a little bit likely to get a JOB, Job on the review of the program there are 2 kinds of methods. We bid (request JOB) and There is also what we are offered a JOB.

BID method, we can do BID JOB request review. And if we approved the submission of a review we should do the JOB, but if there is no we do not WIN JOB JOB and do not get paid wages. And in our second system was offered a JOB from advertisers (Advertisers) through the Organizer Review JOB if we approve it and we do JOB review it, after we add and approved by the review and advertise we have got Automatic Commission Payment.

Business Review classified as easy and promising, terms and conditions is the PR (page rank is high enough) and also content also affects the small big JOB review. Coupled with traffic alexa rank.

Risks of Business Review is a possibility you will get a public relations hit from google. In other words your homework could be lost. Because Google does not like to party with the Business Review. Google takes the Review is as a competitor in the business of their advertiser. For that penalty from google will you experience (Maybe).
Tips to avoid Google PR penalties. Keep you do intervals alternately in your article. Not all posts is your JOB Business Review.

JOB review while also looking for backlinks as possible to maintain the Google page rank in order not to crash. And also note the traffic Blog.
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